In the age of robots and intelligent machines are everywhere, the only robots company “Nowar”recalled all their household robots to rebuild into battle machine. A lucky household robot Tommy was dropped and activated by accident on the way back to the production line. He realized that he is going to be “terminated”and rebuilt by reading the maintenance record in his memory. He has to escape! His happy family is waiting for him!


Sci-Fi Sneaking Action

Sneak, hide and always in danger, you will become a household robot ZK-T4s (nick name Tommy) escape from the robot factory without any attacking method to defense yourself.

The only two functions that may be helpful are:
Transform to a box, originally designed for save some space when recharging.
A spot light, originally designed for lighting up the road when walking outside at night.

Make the best use of these functions might help you to escape from the huge factory equipped with tons of defending and attacking machines and robots. e.g. hide as a box, puzzle the enemy by the spot light or give them a surprise by transforming!

ジャンル: リアリスティックSi-Fiスニーキングアクション


Asymmetric battle

Your enemies are real battle machines by “Nowar”. They may be holding 20mm pistols, huge powered fist or even special Electromagnetic Pulse which can pause any robots. Of course poor Tommy will become a set of metal scratch or be caught by those unbeatable attacking.

「軍事ロボット1000機 vs 家庭用ロボット1機」


Suspicious level

The enemies not only attack Tommy when find him, but also check all the suspicious items and sounds. So you may have to pay attention to any sound you may make besides sneaking.



“Suspicious System"

Enemy will not only destroys Tommy as soon as detected, But also seeks any potential possibility.
Making any noise helps enemies to find it’s victim.




No special UI to tell you the danger or hidden functions you have. You may have to find out yourself in the game.

「UIレス(No hint)」




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